Friday, October 19, 2012

RoseVintage for the Gents!

Hey you, yeah.. YOU! 

We have exciting news for all of you RoseVintage fans! 

One of the top questions we received this summer while on tour with our mobile shop was, "Do you sell mens clothing"? Of course we had to say no. I personally hate having to respond with the word "NO" to anything. So I started searching thrift stores & estate sales for menswear. This was such a new territory for me being that I have NEVER worked with mens clothing. I asked for my fiance, Donovan's help a lot. What's your favorite piece of clothing? What do you look for while thrifting? Favorite brands, fabric, style? What inspires you? How much are you willing to pay for a shirt, jeans, shoes? Even though he's not into fashion by any means, he was a GREAT help & had lots of answers!

My little sister's friend, Cody Martell, modeled for our VERY FIRST RoseVintage menswear photo shoot. He has amazing style & an even better personality so I knew he would be the perfect fit!

The next step was picking a name for the new mens section of our vintage shop! Easier said than done. 
After much debate between "menswear" or "dudes". I turned to my Facebook friends for help. Many of my friends & family made amazing suggestions but the one that I couldn't stop smiling about was "gents". 

So here it is... we're announcing RoseVintage for the Gents! We have stacks of vintage Pendleton flannels, silk skinny ties & knitted amazingness! 

Head over to to shop now!

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  1. That is exciting. I'm glad RoseVintage is going so well.


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