Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest Post Sunday


I would like to introduce you to Monica, the lovely little lady behind... 


Hi lovely people!

I am really happy about writing for threadesque (: 

Well, last week I came up with a little DIY for you!

 I know all of you have seen one of those boring wooden clipboards,
so, today's DIY is about making them a little less boring...

You will need:

-Wooden clipboard

-Acrylic paints


1. Start making your design with a pencil. 
It doesn't has to be perfect, 
you can change it later.

2. Start giving some layers of color. 
First light colors and then the dark ones.

3. Give the last details and let it dry for at least 4 hours! 


I hope you like it!
xoxo. Monica 


  1. What a fun clip board. I'd almost not want to use it because if you put paper in front of it then all the lovely art work is gone.
    Cute idea!

  2. haha Thanks! (:
    That is true, but if you use it and put cute artwork on it, it still look cute! (:


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