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Meet Erica from Le Skinny
The beautiful face behind one of my favorite vintage shops. She has a great selection of vintage clothing & shoes! I love following Erica on Instagram; she has the most adorable twin daughters, ever! I'm honored to have her guest posting about her holiday season!

Threadesque friends and followers! I am Erica of Le Skinny Vintage. 
I am a vintage clothing/accessory fein & stay at home mama to twin girls
Emma Blue and Gwenny Rose. I thought I would share bits of our 
crazy little Christmas at Nani & Papi's. 

 1. Pug Mafia- Zeus, Annie & Lola are the rulers of the roost.

 2. Twins' new snowsuits from Nani & Papi.

 3. Kisses from Dada.

4. Christmas breakfast tradition. My mom's fantasy french toast. Seriously try this recipe. Melted Caramilk pieces inside, yum! 
You can find the recipe: HERE

 5. Great-great Grandma Helen passed out. Lay off the liquor, it's still early. 

 6. Owl handprint canvases the babes made for their grandparents for Christmas. Click HERE for a tutorial!

Here are my favorite gifts the girls received from us:

7. Booties I made the girls from old, vintage leather & fabric. Try out the pattern HERE

                                      8. Mexican print leggings by Tamè on Etsy                                    

9. Family time. 

10. Funglish was the Christmas Eve game of the night. Great game that get's a little dirty by accident. 

This year I keep my New Year's resolution simple. Love. Love my babies no matter how crazy or stinky they are. Love my husband for everything that he is. Love every item I choose to be in my store. Love myself for who I am now, not who I used to be.

I hope this New Year brings you joy.

much love x


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