Thursday, November 3, 2011

Estate Sale Madness!

Many of you already know that last Saturday
 I went to an Estate Sale here in Missoula. 
It was such an amazing experience! 
I literally found hundreds of vintage items for
& several items for myself!

The beautiful Ann Huss whose lifelong collection of clothing has become my treasures! Her Daughter had nothing but amazing things to tell me about her. She told me how her Mother, Ann, designed/sketched her clothing then sent it to a seamstress to create for her. She loved plaid, dresses & peter pan collars (sounds like someone I know very well)! She spent her weekends square dancing & had several square dancing outfits which she had custom made. I'm so honored to have a part of her in my life! Isn't that photo of her beautiful?


This beauty will store my craft/shipping supplies! 
It's going to be seafoam green with 
clear knobs from Anthropologie!



  1. Wow, what amazing finds and lovely story behind them. It's so special to know about the history of vintage pieces.


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