Wednesday, November 9, 2011

STYLE CRUSH Zooey Deschanel

S T Y L E   C R U S H

It's no secret, I have a major girl crush on Miss Zooey Deschanel! Who doesn't? With her new hit show The New Girl & her release of her Christmas album, A Very She & Him Christmas, Her popularity has hit an ultimate high. She's by far the biggest "it girl". I love her style, she's a huge fan of vintage (just like yours truly)! 

“Wear what looks good on you. Also, fabrics have 
gotten a lot more comfortable in recent years, 
so new clothes with vintage cuts 
are also a great option for practicality.”

 “I get to wear really cute stuff on my show New Girl, 
so that's always fun and inspiring. 
We have a really amazing costume designer, 
Debra McGuire, so I feel very lucky.”

Get her lovely new album here
Be sure to check out her website,


  1. She is the most inspiring person! LOVE IT!

  2. I have a major girl crush on her too! She's so talented and dressing so amazing!

  3. love this girls style!


  4. I adore her as well. :D I love her movies, show, style and her music.


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