Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Want To Go Glamping!


Glamping... what?? If you're wondering what Glamping means, it's glamourous/luxury camping. You can make smores, sleep under the stars & have a butler, count me in! I love camping, it's actually one of my favorite things to do with my fiance but I'm not a huge fan of being terrified of bears(the entire time), sleeping on the uncomfortable ground & not being able to shower after becoming a sticky mess from roasting marshmallows. 

Are you ready to plan your Glamping trip? 

If so, head over to Paws Up, located 35 minutes northeast of Missoula, Montana in Greenough—a little town nestled in the heart of the
 Blackfoot Valley


  1. These pictures are great!
    I LOVE camping, the worst thing is that I don't do it often :(

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. That looks amazing! Although I really do like "roughing it."

  3. I've only been camping once and it was a bad experience but I've been thinking lately I need to give it another shot. I love your background, it's like a never ending shelf. Too cool.


  4. I enjoy roughing it as well! If you're ever looking for a super fun camping trip in MI, you should do Manitou Island. You take a ferry from Fishtown in Leeland, MI. It's complete backcountry & absolutely stunning!

  5. Thanks so much Arielle! You should go camping again! <3


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