Monday, December 12, 2011

Beauty Secrets From a Blogger

I asked several of my blogger friends to share their favorite beauty tips with us. Some people have a very traditional beauty regime but some of us have "secrets" you will be shocked to find out!  

My secrets:

1. I figured out a fun way to curl my hair without using a curling iron! 

How to: 
Start with clean wet detangled hair 
Apply your favorite serum(my favorite is made by Aveda)
Separate your hair into small sections
Twist the section in your fingers & hold for 5 seconds
Next section
Continue until you "curl" every piece of hair
Finish with a light hairspray
(my personal favorite is also made by Aveda)
TA-DA! You now have finger waves!!

2. Porcelain skin:
First off, skin care is number one! I use Say Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes daily (make sure to re-use the wipes, I usually get 3 uses out of each wipe). I give myself a "facial" once a week, using Boots Clay Mask & Biore strips. For blemishes I use witch hazel, it's a miracle worker! If you cannot cover up your blemishes, make sure to use a good concealer (my favorite is made by Benefit), finish with Studio fix by Mac Cosmetics

3. Add a red lip! It pulls your whole look together & makes you feel super feminine/beautiful!

Secret: Cat eye liner

"Here is an easy trick for doing cat eye eyeliner. Use an angled eyebrow brush (I suggest this one) and a gel liner (love this one) that comes in a pot. Dip the brush in the eyeliner so that the entire tip of the brush is covered. Place the shorter edge of the brush on the outer corner of your eye with the tallest edge of the brush pointed out. You can choose how dramatic you want it to look by bringing the angle up or out. By creating this angle, you create a perfect cat eye angle! Next bring the line down from the tallest point of the angle to your lash line. Then fill in the angle you created!" 

from A Cup of T
Secret: Super Simple Conditioner Tips
1. Never put conditioner on your roots! There is really no need to put the conditioner all the way to your scalp, hair usually gets knotted as it goes down. Having the conditioner on your scalp eventually creates residue and creates the appearance of dirty hair.

2. If you have fine hair and you plan on curling your hair that day, don't use it! The conditioner will weigh your hair down making the curl fall quicker.

3. My all time favorite conditioner (and I have tried just about every kind out there) Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship, very cheap, smells good and makes my hair super soft!

from Those Sunny Days
Secret: Organic facial scrub

"Everyone has heard that saying "beauty is pain" right? Whoever said this knew the torture us girls, and even guys, have to go through. Number one complaint: skin. I have a little natural and easy trick to help solve those skin dilemmas. I'm a firm believer that your body is made up of natural substances, so why put chemicals on it to get rid of a problem? I found this about a year ago by Kandee Johnson."

What You’ll Need:
-Organic sugar
-Organic lemons or lemon juice
*You can also use non-organic but it has chemicals.
What To Do:
Wet your face with warm water. Soak a cotton round (cotton ball or washcloth are fine) with the lemon juice. Then on the cotton round, add a teaspoon of sugar. Scrub your face for a minute or two. Rinse your face thoroughly. 
It removes all the dead skin, helping with acne and makes your face incredibly smooth. 

I've used this for a year now and my skin is so nice. I use it a couple times a week right before bed. I hope this helps anyone in need! I can't wait to see what the others have in store for beauty care.

from MeganLeefer Vintage
Secret: Baking Soda Shampoo

"When I told my mom this beauty secret she laughed, and I often get strange looks when I tell people, but I have been doing this for about 3 months now. I stopped using shampoo all together, and started washing my hair with baking soda! I keep a Ziploc bag full in my shower, and just take a small hand full. I rub it in just like I would shampoo. It's made my hair a lot thicker and healthier. I now can go two to three days without washing. Before I had to wash it every day. I definitely recommend it!"

Mónica Acedo
Secret: Shiny Soft Hair

You need:

1 teaspoon of honey
2 Big strawberries 
The normal amount of shampoo you use 

Mash strawberries in a small bowl
Mix all of the ingredients together
Apply the mixture to your hair
Let soak for 2-5 minutes

What's your beauty secret?


  1. OMG this are some great tips!!
    Thanks for letting me participate! (:
    (so honored!)


  2. Just read and then obey then you give me a reply.. * Believe it or not, adding a few drops of baby oil in your bath does make a difference to the softness of your skin, try it out.
    * Or, another strange fact is if you use honey on your skin whilst having a shower it makes your skin immediately softer afterwards.
    * Also, you need to moisturise with cream regularly after baths or showers and your skin will be softer before you know it!
    I am waiting of your replyYonka

  3. Cute blog! Had no idea this existed out there in Missoula land. I'm from aloneinaforest . . . a art-y, anything goes kind of blog with multiple contributors. I'm thinking you should guest blog on our blog!!

  4. Monica - I love having you apart of Threadesque! You're awesome! :)

  5. Yonka - Thanks so much for the awesome tips! :)

  6. Jeri - Thanks so much! Have you been to Missoula? It's a great place! I checked out aloneinaforest & would love to guest post! Feel free to email me:

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