Sunday, December 11, 2011

GUEST POST SUNDAY - Those Sunny Days


I would like to introduce you to my new blog friend & sponsor, 

She's super creative, loves food and not to mention ADORABLE! You can find amazing D.I.Y projects & recipes on her lovely blog, 

those sunny days

Hey everyone! I'm Kristen of Those Sunny Days! When Sam asked me to do a guest post DIY for her, I was thrilled. This is my first guest post so I may have giggled in excitement and to be on Threadesque is a pleasure! So onto the crafts. I create a bunch of little things all the time that are easy and simple and this DIY is no different. And the best part: it's pretty darn cheap!

DIY snowmen figurines
-Polymer Clay (I used CraftSmart white polymer clay, about $9)
-Acrylic Paint (I used Americana, $ .77 each)
-Small paintbrush
-Tooth picks or small twigs

DIY snowmen figurines
-Create one big, medium, and small sized ball with your clay. Then put them on top of each other and push down gently.

DIY snowmen figurines
-To create a 3D snowcap, make your snowcap, then take a tiny piece of clay and roll it out until it looks log-like. Put it on the bottom of the hat, flip the hat over and push the two ends of the "log" together and pinch. Gently press onto the top of the snowman.

DIY snowmen figurines
-Take tiny pieces of clay to make the eyes, carrot nose, and buttons. To make eyes and buttons, with a tooth pick press two or four small holes on the small clay piece. With the same tooth pick, break in half and with the broken piece, press a hole into the middle ball on each side for the arms after they bake. IMPORTANT! Bake clay according to the directions on the clay you bought. 

DIY snowmen figurines
-Now you paint however you'd like! After they dry, take your tooth pick and on the broken side, put a dab of glue on and stick in the holes of the middle ball. 

DIY snowmen figurines
And that's it! Sit back, relax, and have fun creating! 
Thanks for having me on here!
xo kristen

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  1. that is sooo cute! (:
    I will definitely try this!!


  2. these ones are so so cute!!
    gotta try them!
    The Indie Chase Blog

  3. This was so fun to do! Thanks for having me!

  4. this is the most darling idea ever. i love how creative your blog is.
    following it now for sure

    xoxo katlin


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