Monday, March 12, 2012

Sponsor Love - March

Meet my lovely sponsors!

"Hi! My name is Megan, and I live in Atlanta, Ga. You may know me from MeganLeefer Vintage! If I don't begin everyday with a cup of coffee and some great music, my whole day is thrown off. I enjoy travelling, which is wonderful because the best vintage clothes are found when I least expect it!"

"I'm a 20 year old third year Marketing Student at the University of Montana with an emphasis in fashion. In my free time I love to thrift, read fashion magazines/ blogs and laughing with friends. I love to get dressed up and go out, even if it's just the post office. I love lattes and sushi and anything vintage!"

"Hello Threadesque readers! My name is Jess and I am the proprietress of a vintage shop and blog, both named Scarlet Begonia Vintage. I can't wait for the weather to get better in Ohio so I can go to open air flea markets and estate sales! Only a few more weeks of winter...right?!"

"hi there! my name is gin and i live in toronto.  i am a maker of art, a collector of mugs, and an all-season knitter. i blog daily as a means to keep track of all things i find strange & wonderful.  i sell vintage on etsy, and also plan to launch my moblie vintage shop spring 2012!"

"My name is Allyson.  I am a newly engaged future teacher with a serious love for all things crafty.  I mostly blog about my self-navigated journey to craftiness with lots of extras about teaching, wedding planning, and general thoughts.  I am really growing to love this sweet blogging community, and I look forward to reading and learning along with all of you!"

"I'm Hannah, I take photographs of pretty things, I study art history, and I live in beautiful, sunny California.  I recently started my blog, and I run an Etsy shop of photography!"

"Hi there!  I'm Jackie, owner of Fly Away Vintage the Shop......where I sell super cute vintage and upcycled clothing and Fly Away Vintage the Blog......where I write about my love of vintage and my obsession with selling all of my wordly goods and buying a vintage Shasta travel trailer to see the world in.  A little more about me........I'm a seamstress, an animal lover, a hippie wanna-be, a reality show addict, a closet hog, a restless soul. Oh.....and I'm pretty sure I have A.D.H.D.  Nice to meet you!"

"My name is Heather and I blog over at the little blog, Hopeless Notebook. I started my blog the first of this year, and haven't looked back since. I love blogging! My blog is all about my little adventures, love, and all sorts of pretty things. I post about my favorite etsy finds, fun DIYs, things that are inspiring me, and I do a weekly outfit post. I hope you'll enjoy my blog as much as I love writing it!"

"A knitter since the age of 11, I recently quit my job to jump into the deep end of the world of self employment. I create and sell wonderful hand knit accessories for men and women, as well as make fun earrings."

"Hello! My name is Chloe and I am a Lazy Explorer. I dream of traveling to far away places, as I drink tea with my handsome boyfriend Dominick. Dominick and I are a team and we are usually found together. My blog is full of photos of our adventures, outfits, and some DIY projects here and there."

"My name is Meghan and I’m just your ordinary, everyday girl on a journey. I am an animal lover, fashion enthusiast, photographer, writer, and lifestyle blogger. I love to explore and find indescribable joy in discovering all this beautiful little planet has to offer. Simple things in life make me happy – especially rainbow sprinkles."

"I’m a 22 year old student that lives in the heart (if you’d like to call it something of that kind) of the Midwest. I love to vegan bake, cook with far too many spices, play with my cheese lovin’ puppy (Tofu), go on picnics, go thriftin', camp, and take adventures to basically anywhere (which draw me to inspirations for recipes like Migas and strawberry shortcake cake balls). I love random things (which you will soon find out if you continue to read my posts) like wolves, dream catchers, cacti, and David Bowie so don’t be alarmed if I throw comments in my posts about these things that don’t make sense at all. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years which has forced me to learn to cook for myself but I am nothing of an expert and am still learning all the time. This blog is here to motivate me to push my cooking abilities while I’m young and have the time so when the real world hits I will have already accumulated a vast knowledge of recipes and healthy tips for my (and your!) daily routine."

"My name is Cyntia and I am new to blogging but have been incredibly inspired by all of the talented ladies out there in the blog world. I love DIY projects and I have been learning to sew.t Come follow my blogging journey. I have some really fun ideas!"


  1. Exciting to see my little face up there! I'm off to check out some of these other lovely ladies now :)
    xo Heather

  2. It looks so good up there! You're a doll!

    Thanks for being a sponsor! <3

  3. Thank you so much! How exciting!



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