Sunday, December 4, 2011

Guest Post Sunday - The First Lime

Guest Post Sunday

You may remember my blogger friend, Monica 
from her last DIY she did for Threadesque!
You can see her post, HERE 
Monica is a super creative lady that lives in 
Mexico City. You wouldn't believe that she's 
only 13 because she's practically a 
DIY genius! I'm so thankful to have 
her apart of my blog family! 

Check out her

Hi lovely people! 

I am really happy to be guest posting on threadesque again! 

Today I want to share a little and cute idea for christmas with you. 
Who doesn't love penguins? 

You need:
1. Paint 
2. Planter 
3. Paint brushes 

1. Start painting your planter with the color of your penguin.

2. Paint the penguin's eyes with a darker paint.

3. Paint the little beak (I recommend doing it a bit higher than the eyes so it looks even cuter)

4. Paint his little belly and the wings (try to add some volume by adding dome white paint while it is wet) 

5. You can choose any color you want... just have fun!! 

6. The only thing that we have to do next is ad a plant to our planter! (I am still in that step) 

7. Enjoy your penguin and water your plant so it grows in a lovely way.

8. Leave a comment! Let us know if you liked this DIY (: 

I really hope you like it guys! 
Thank you Sam, for letting me be a 
small part of your lovely blog! 
I wish you a Merry Christmas
xo. Monica


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